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Guiding Your Children
through Divorce


Saving your Children
After they’ve Experienced Divorce

  • Divorce seriously affects every child who goes through it
  • Children of divorce are affected all their lives in every aspect
  • Parents who handle their divorce wrong can cause irreparable damage
    to their children
  • Every divorce is unique, but all have many common traps that affect
    the children as well as the adults
  • Parents who handle their divorce correctly can lead their children into
    happy, healthy lives
  • Your children are depending on you to get it right for their sakes

Guiding Your Children through Divorce has the answers you've been looking for about how to protect your children from the damaging effects of your divorce.

WHAT is it about? From the introduction to the guidebook:

… I’ve watched people struggle to deal with the effects that divorce has had on their own lives, their family’s lives, and, most importantly, their children’s lives. When these individuals were involved in subsequent relationships following their divorces, I watched as they wrestled with both internal and external demons. The external ones — ex- spouses, angry children, overly complicated lives — are almost always easier to resolve than the internal ones — remorse, regret, fear of what they’ve done to themselves and ones they love, and ghosts that haunt them about things they’ve said and done. I understand what they’re feeling because of the divorce I went through, and because of the cases I’ve been intimately involved in since. The guilt can be more haunting than any nagging ex-wife, as consuming as any absent parent.

Guiding Your Children through Divorce will answer your questions, explain why some people act the way they do, and guide you through the confusion to a healthier future.


Delivered directly to your computer via email, Guiding Your Children through Divorce is an "ebook" in PDF format, which means we can provide it at a lower cost since we have no printing or shipping costs. PLUS you get your report within one day of ordering it.


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Guiding Your Children through Divorce
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If you:

  • have been divorced
  • are thinking of getting divorced
  • are marrying someone who has been divorced
  • have a friend or family member who has divorced
  • have children and think divorce may be in your future
  • work with someone who's divorced
  • council divorced parents

You NEED this guidebook! The most important answers to the fundamental questions you will want to know or to be able to share are here.

I could have strung this out longer, into a full sized mass market book, filled with useless graphs and charts and agonizing stories, and easily have charged $29.95, $39.95, or more. But when I see the pain in divorcing families' eyes and remember the pain I experienced, and think of what all the children go through, I want to make this report available to everyone.

So I am setting the price at just $9.98. This complete, in-depth guide comes in electronic, PDF format, which saves on printing, packaging, and postage so that I can keep your cost down and provide you with the help your family needs at a cost you can afford.

Early readers of Guiding Your Children through Divorce commented:

"Thank you! This will help us a lot. My kids are already asking the hard questions and even acting out. I'll use your advice avery day as we start over." Tom D.

"I've been so scared ever since my husband walked out on us two months ago. We have two children who are torn in two by this whole mess. Thank you for making theanswers so clear. The facts are frightening, but I need to know what I'm facing and how to handle it. God bless you."Helen G.

"My three children wanted me to write and say thank you. We are finally talking and working together. So thank you!" Mary, Josh, Terry, and Jane.

Please, don't wait until the problems build any more. Get your copy of Guiding Your Children through Divorce today!


1. Introduction: Who I am & Why You’re Listening to Me

2. Your Relationship Never Ends—Even After Divorce

3. Children Never Forget

4. Effects of Divorce on Children

5. Parents’ Actions that Cause Problems for Their Children

6. Common Reactions of Children by Age Groups

7. Sources of Support

8. Summary: Guidelines for Divorced Parents

Appendix I: The Importance of Dads

Appendix 2: Further Resources for Families


Click to purchase your copy of
Guiding Your Children through Divorce
for only $9.98 payable via Paypal

After your purchase is complete,
you will be redirected
to a page from where you can
immediately download your eBook

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