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Tips for Divorced Parents

Divorce is a life changing event in a child's life. Research shows that children never - never - get over their parents' divorce. And those kids are either severely damaged or at least deeply affected by the divorce.

The difference between being damaged and just being affected is up to YOU. Mom and Dad are the deciding factors in a child's response and resulting feelings about the split.

Now don't panic, because you have some resources to help you help your kids through the crucial first two years following your divorce. Your first resource is the Parenting Together class you most likely attended shortly before your divorce was final. (If you haven't attended the Parenting Together class, you still can. GO HERE to learn all about it.)

The other super resource you have is right here. Through education, training, and mediation you can be prepared for pretty much anything your kids need.

And below is a great list of guidelines to get you started raising your kids right. Print these out, share them with your ex and your family members. Please understand your children need all your best efforts to help them survive this.

But, with the right help, they - and you - can survive and move on.


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