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Beginning your mediation program is a formal process with certain steps to take, but I've made it as easy as 123:

1) Email me directly to request two simple forms to fill out:

  • our Agreement to Mediate Form, which spells out very clearly what your rights are, what you can expect from me, and what we'll be doing
  • your Data Information Form, which lets me know more about your family and your situation before we even begin working together.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE: everything in both of these forms is completely confidential by law - they're for my eyes only!]

2) Let's set a time to begin creating your success story; we need to set an appointment time. Meeting once a week seems to work best. This allows time to digest what we've discussed, but it's not long enough to lose our momentum from session to session.

3) Pay your fee - there are no filing fees, no start up fees, no paperwork fees, just the basic fee for your first sessions. Most couples prefer to pay for four to six sessions in advance. This serves two purposes - it is more efficient than paying each week; and paying in advance provides incentive to keep going.

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