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full description of my mediation services and how they work - use links to read more.
full description of my mediation services and how they work - use links to read more.

"Honestly, I did not want to go to mediation because I thought it was foolish to talk about our personal family arguments with a stranger, but my ex-wife convinced me to try one meeting. Mr. Collins was sincere and very professional. After just a couple of meetings, we were able to work out a plan that will help us take better care of our children without nearly as much upset. I now believe in mediation and Mr. Collins skills and I recommend him highly."

Tom G. — Divorced Dad

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Bob Collins, 479-522-7490, FamilyMediator; Fort Smith, AR 72917 - NWA, Western Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma

Everybody's heard of mediation, but just what exactly is it? Have you even known a family that was locked in battle amongst themselves, always tense and upset? Well, I help couples like these, married couples or divorced parents usually, who are caught in an endless cycle of arguing and fighting to figure out ways to make peace and live together happily again. Nice, huh? And this site tells you all about how I do what I do. Here you'll find information about what mediation is, the different types of mediation that are available, how a mediator works, and a look at what a mediation involves, as well as a pretty convincing argument for why you might want to consider mediation instead of litigation. Follow the links to the left to explore the whats, whys, and hows of mediation. Or, if you'd like to discuss your situation in person, call me at 479-522-7490 (that's in the Central Standard Time zone) or email me at I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. I also teach the State required divorcing parents' class, Parenting Together© I'm proud to be a certified family mediator because, while I handle civil matters too, my main focus is helping couples and families find peaceful, satisfactory solutions to their problems. For example, in the matter of divorces, mediation can be much easier on everyone involved — especially the children! I appreciate being able to help separating couples or parenting partners learn how to work together even after their divorces to raise their children in a more stress-free environment. Even married couples and their families can benefit greatly from a skilled mediator as he guides them through combustible family conflicts, such as communications, discipline issues, or parent / child disputes. Rather than wait for disagreements to explode, let a mediator help your family develop a sane approach.


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Divorce Coach help for your family: stepparents find themselves facing more challenges than non divorced families. Between rebellious stepkids - stepsons, stepdaughters, or stepchildren - and ex-spouses, following their divorce, try to interfere with the new blended family dynamic. Couple relationships suffer from anger, fights, disputes, conflicts, and fear. Parents lose control of their children. Stepfathers and stepmothers - step-parents - are afraid of violence and rebellion from their stepchildren. Ex-husbands and ex-wives - ex-spouses - interfere with visitation and custody by conflicting and disputing over vacations and child care - and about child support. Money gets tighter and financial concerns grow. Children and parents argue over rightss and priviledges. Husbands and wives relive pre-divorce conflicts and fights with their ex spouses. Home life is strained. Re-marriage - second marriages - can be successful, but they need to use mediation with a qualified mediator who can mediate their conflicts and disputs and help them stop fights and reduce anger in their family home. Divorce starts the problems, which continue through dating and courtship, and ends up in the stepfamily blended family..


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