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Here are some links you may find useful, leading to Arkansas State and other general Mediation sites


Arkansas websites

Arkansas State Judicial information
Lists names and contact info on judges, as well as links to State legislation sites, Bar Association, much more (slow loading, though!)

Arkansas State Child Support Guidelines
The state laws on child support

Arkansas Code online
This is an on-line version of the Laws of the State. Divorce, child custody, and child support laws are found under sections 9-12, 9-13, and 9-14

Other "general" Mediation websites

Divorce Source Mediation Articles
A long list of articles - some really good, some so-so - on divorce and mediation
Lots of articles (some legalistic in tone) and info about mediation, types of mediation, and advice about using mediation

ACR (The Association Conflict Resolution)
A national Mediation organization, more general info about Mediation

Worklife Institute
A nationally recognized provider of Mediation training - where your Mediator, Bob Collins, received his credentialing training

Divorce, custody, parenting links

Oklahoma State Divorce laws
includes custody and child support laws

Divorce Statistics listing
Courtesy of Divorce
includes stats about marriage and divorce, and effects of divorce on family members

A good program to take you step-by-step through re-building your life after divorce.

Dictionary for Dads
including but not limited to nutrition, medical, psychological, developmental, environmental, marital, social and academic. Provides dads with education, information and resources for all dilemmas when they occur, including nutrition, medical, psychological, developmental, environmental, marital, social and academic.

Divorce Source articles
A long list of articles on families and children and most aspects of divorce


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