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This is a two hour class for divorcing parents to help them understand the new relationship they have with each other and with their children. The purpose of this class is to help families who have been or who are in the process of being divided by divorce to survive and to raise healthier, happier children.

This class meets the Arkansas requirements for parenting classes or mediation
as required for divorcing couples.

Although only parents are usually required to attend these classes, we've found that it can be helpful if other family members, such as grandparents or stepparents, attend also so they can help in the development of the new family structure.

Divorcing couples may attend together or separately. If possible, attending together often helps avoid questions and confusion later on. Use your own discretion.


One of the main reasons I teach this class is because I have been divorced myself. I understand what you're going through, I've been there. And I've had over 17 years' experience teaching broken families how to succeed. Divorce is one of the worst experiences that can hit a family.

With the Parenting Together© class, I can help divorcing parents understand how to handle their new situation better, and how to help your children survive the upset more successfully.

Parenting Together© meets the FIRST and THIRD TUESDAYs of each month
at 6:30 p.m. at East Side Baptist Church, 2710 Massard Road, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Call 479-522-7490 for full information.
* Click HERE for a map and directions.
* Find a full schedule for the classes here.

> The fee for this class is $20 per person; cash or money order, no checks or credit/debit cards, please.

> Please do not bring your children, the topics can be upsetting to them and child care is not provided.

>> NOTE: PLEASE REGISTER BY PHONE before attending (479-522-7490)

Here is a sample agenda for these classes:

1) What divorce means to your kids

- Biology 101 - two parents per child for life

- hard statistics about divorced kids

- loss of security and home foundation

- how your child sees your family now


2) Dealing with your new family makeup

- your ex-spouse: no love does NOT equal no respect

- never fight in front of your kids (this equals abuse)

- continuity and setting rules in two homes

- demonstrate how you want them to act now and later


3) Continuing family relationships

- how long will this have to continue

- scheduling dos and don'ts

- the importance of both mothers' and fathers' visitation

- alimony and child support - why they matter to kids


4) Moving on to new relationships

- what your dating and remarriage can mean to your kids

- if you choose to remarry - what to expect

- stepfamily dos and doníts


5) Litigation VS mediation

- general description of mediation process

- mediation in visitation and custody disputes

- how mediation can help your family relationships


6) Resources for help

- recommended materials

- local classes & support groups

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