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stepparents find themselves facing more challenges than non divorced families. Between rebellious stepkids - stepsons, stepdaughters, or stepchildren - and ex-spouses, following their divorce, try to interfere with the new blended family dynamic. Couple relationships suffer from anger, fights, disputes, conflicts, and fear. Parents lose control of their children. Stepfathers and stepmothers - step-parents - are afraid of violence and rebellion from their stepchildren. Ex-husbands and ex-wives - ex-spouses - interfere with visitation and custody by conflicting and disputing over vacations and child care - and about child support. Money gets tighter and financial concerns grow. Children and parents argue over rightss and priviledges. Husbands and wives relive pre-divorce conflicts and fights with their ex spouses. Home life is strained. Re-marriage - second marriages - can be successful, but they need to use mediation with a qualified mediator who can mediate their conflicts and disputs and help them stop fights and reduce anger in their family home. Divorce starts the problems, which continue through dating and courtship, and ends up in the stepfamily blended family..

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