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Trial Second Chance

You've filed for divorce;
you've done the paperwork;
now you're having second thoughts ...

but what can you do?

* Is it too late to try again?

* Will your spouse get the wrong idea and think you're giving in?
* What will the kids think? will they just be more confused?
* And, just how much "back together" do you want to try?

> just "pause" the process for a bit;
> maybe try dating each other again for awhile;
> move back in together (but with restrictions!);
> or try to go back to the beginning
and see if they've learned anything from the process.

With a Trial Reconcilliation, you can control how much you slow down the process.

1) We will begin by discussing just what your feelings are regarding your pending divorce and where you are in the process so far.

2) Then we'll set a meeting with your not-quite-ex-spouse to discuss what you're considering in a safe, controlled environment .

3) Next, we can draw up an agreement that details exactly how you want the trial reconcilliation to go. I will guide the process and meeting so nothing gets out of hand. You will create the wording and the conditions of the agreement.

Nothing will be left to guess work or "emotions." I will hlep you keep it civil and make sure everything proceeds at your pace so you don't feel pressured or over run.

We can stop anytime you feel uncomfortable and go as far as you wish in the process.

Only about 30 percent of divorces that are filed are ever completed, according to the Arkansas Bar Association. So you are not being "dumb" or "wishy-washy" if you choose to slow down the divorce process.

You are acting responsibly, with your children's and your own future well being in mind.

Second Chance trial reconcilliation is simply a tool for you to use to make sure you're doing the best for your family before it's too late.

Call or email me today to discuss your options
for a trial reconcilliation.

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